Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – Smells.

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – Smells.

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men

Will: A goose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Ben: Don’t you mean ‘Rose?’

Will: No., Ben. I mean ‘goose’.

Ben But, Geese smell… well, like geese!

Will: Very descriptive, Ben. But if a Rose were a goose, and roses were geese…? Do you see what I am saying? Do you smell what I do?

Ben: Will, sometimes you do speak a lot of nonsense.

Will: Quotable nonsense, Ben. Quotable nonsense. You smell like a dung-heap, Ben.

Ben: Ah! I see a dung-heap by any other name would smell- hold on, was that one of your insults, Will?

Will: Well, if I said that you smelled like a rose… you might have taken it as a compliment.

Ben: Oh, well, that’s alright then. Will. And by the way…

Will: Yes, Ben?

Ben: You stink!

Will: Touché, Ben. Touché!

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