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Save It!

Save it!

Save the Marmoset

Save the Bear

Save the Dolphin

Does no one care?

Save the Rain Forest

Save the ice

Save the Dodo?

That would have been nice!

Save the planet before it’s too late

It’s people, you know,

That got it into this state.

It’s gone from a paradise

To a place full of hate…

So, save this planet



Staring at the Sun

Staring at the Sun

I was staring at the Sun


it never blinked

it thinked

or, should I say

it thought

I know I ought

but don’t


can’t make me

what I’m not.

Anyway, the Sun

is hot

when it comes to heat

it has a lot.

And it never blinks

is what I thinks.

A One-Legged Stool

A One-Legged Stool

A one-legged stool

a one-legged stool

I fell right off of a one-legged stool;

It’s easy your balance to keep

until you fall asleep

and then you’ll feel a fool

as you fall off

of a one-legged stool.



Addy was made of wood…


you know where this is going,

so I won’t even have to go there.

Ann was also made of wood…

yes, it was teak;

and she was very, very old…


Mind your Ps and Qs

Mind your Ps and Qs.

I stood at the end of the Q


to pot the black

or be served.

A letter of importance?


A shy letter?


A letter that has an element of mystery?


The lead letter of certain types of writer?


I stood


at the beginning of a Q

waiting for a P.



Whither shall I wander?

Is my life in vain?

I wonder whether Wanda

will ever want me –

Shall I ask her once again?

Wanda, will you have me?

Will you answer me my dear?

Why are you so cold? I ask –

one more log upon the fire –

Are you frigid with desire?

But, Wanda, will not waver

and, worse, she will not speak;

is it Wanda’s withered welcome

that makes me admit defeat?

To Autumn (In Cornwall) – in the style of John Keats.

After ‘To Autumn’ byJohn Keats

To Autumn (in Cornwall)

Season of mist and rain,

and rain again;

then some more,

and a few drops

like dew drops

that splatter upon the floor.

We wish

that the rain

in Cornwall

would fall

all the more

upon the moor –

as if.