Syd and Harry.

Syd and Harry.

“Let’s play Sardines!” said Syd.

“Don’t be a Pilchard, Syd!” said Harry. “You know the trouble we had the last time we played it.”

Syd looked glum. “I know; but, can’t we put it to a vote, Harry?” he asked.

“Sure!” said Harry. “Okay, Everybody! Hands up who wants to play ‘Sardines’!“

Not a hand went up.

“See, Syd?” Said Harry. “Nobody wants to play Sardines.”

Syd looked even glummer.

They all carried on with their game of kiss-chase.

Sometime later, Syd caught up with Harry, and with a quizzical look, he said: “Harry? Fish don’t have hands!”

Harry smiled. “True, Syd; but, I ask you this, where do fish fingers come from?”

Harry swam off to the other end of the aquarium, bubbling with laughter.

Syd huddled in his corner, slowly mulling over one of life’s big questions.


4 responses to “Syd and Harry.

  1. Whoa. I didn’t expect that. Ha ha.

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