My Five-Pound Note

My Five-Pound Note (a jaunty rhyme with a sad(ish) ending).

Once I found a five-pound note

upon that note a note I wrote

I wrote a note about a stoat

Upon that five-pound note.

I spent that note

and bought some bread

that I would toast

I’d toast the bread;

some coffee beans

that I would roast;

I would roast the beans;

the toast was eaten,

the coffee was drunk,

and my five-pound note was all but shrunk,

I had no more than a penny left

Of my five-pound note

I felt bereft.


4 responses to “My Five-Pound Note

  1. At least you had a little sense
    To mourn the spending of your pence.

  2. perhaps you’ll come across more 🙂 or is it moor?

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