At the Coddy Shack @TheCoddyShack

At the Coddy Shack

Could Jane Goldsack

eat a Waffle Stack

at the Coddy Shack?

Well, she might have done

if the fish had been smaller

and the chips were fewer,

the mushy peas – added to please –

hadn’t filled the gaps.

To go?

Take it away?


But, hey!

Why not?

Because the waffle would be hot

and the ice-cream cold;

when you got home

what would you behold?

A mess, and not an Eton one;

and so, with this in mind

we went for a slice of Lemon Meringue

and a huge dollop

of Cornish Clotted Cream.

Well, we live in a dream

if we think we can eat

anything else

before tomorrow.

It will have to wait

until we have the room for an appetate.

All in all

we were extremely full.


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