I received an apology

from an anthropologist –

I was top of his list

of people to apologise to.

The next on the list was a purple gnu,

whom the anthropologist did insist

just didn’t exist – but he did,

and so he’s received an apology, too.

The apologies themselves are beautifully written,

especially the one to the mosquito

that the anthropologist had inadvertently bitten;

I admit that his prose has left me quite smitten.

All in all, over a hundred apologetic letters

he wrote, some with quotes;

and, like a sad song on a piano

with black and white notes

in a minor key.

But, whilst he hand-wrote every second note,

he didn’t devote himself

to improving his ways –

he’ll be writing more apologies

in a couple of days.

I know all this

because I am friends with the purple gnu, the mosquito, too

we make a fine crew.


5 responses to “Apologies.

  1. …how does one bite a mosquito?

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