LindaGHill’s #SoCS Challenge ‘Precious’

LindaGHill’s #SoCS ‘Precious’

See HEREfor details.

I set myself a 10-minute limit to writing this type of ‘stream-of-consciousness’ thing because time is precious. And then I misspell all the words because thumbs are too big and clumsy.

And then Rosie the Cat wants attention – and she doesn’t understand that Daddy is writing to a deadline. She sits and looks at me, nudges my hand (which makes my spelling wobble once more) and then climbs upon my chest. I continue writing (one-handedly) and try and placate Rosie, Who then walks off in a huff because Daddy isn’t focusing on her and her alone.

She, also, is a little bit ‘precious’.

Now where was I? (Checks back to start of these words). Okay, nothing of importance said so far, as is usual.

When you are writing of the moment about the things that are happening around you, it seems that the focus of your words can be taken from the ‘of-the-moment’ experience of life and pointed to the ‘writing-stuff-down’ of a ‘S-o-C’ challenge.

There, that is about as deep as it gets. Mistress Shallow I am.

A You-Tube video of a Koala comes my way; but, I am on a mission to get to the end of my 10-minutes (you all have your own, these are mine) having written something of true importance (not ‘omportance’ *as I wrote.

*The tuner sounded here – I could have written something of worth; but, I won’t get too precious about it.

PS my ‘Golllum’ solution to this prompt his in a cave under a mountain waiting for a fish, so never even considered the possibility of tearing it’s ugly head to the light.

9 responses to “LindaGHill’s #SoCS Challenge ‘Precious’

  1. Cats are a bit precious, aren’t they!

  2. at least you were writing something on importance and not impotence 🙂

  3. We just got a kitten and she is A MESS when I’m working at my computer. Don’t know how I’ll ever get writing done with her in the room!

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