A Memory from the Bodmin Railway

A Memory from the Bodmin Railway.

I have to write a few lines

about Bodmin Railway –

my favourite memory.

Well, I saw a murder

on the train

it was a mystery to me.

And we had a pasty;

drank fine wine

and fizzy pop;

got off and back on the train

every time it did stop.

We asked lots of questions

to the suspects that there were;

they lied as they stood

as a good suspect should

said they were good –

but we had an inkling

that they were bad.

We had started out in the sunshine

and all was laughter and light;

by the time it got to the murder

the scene was dark and set at night.


Who killed whom?

We tried to detect a murderer

or was there to be a miscarriage of justice?

No. Just this result;

that the murderer, revealed,

had no remorse in their deed.

indeed, they were happy to plead

guilty, as it had all been a play.

Everybody, including the dead man,

lived to train travel again

Upon another day.

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