“It’s RATher Late!”

“It’s RATher Late!”

There’s a rat or a mouse

inside the house,

our Rosie brought it in.

And now we have to catch it

for the dogs are making a din –

that is doing our heads in.

It’s gone behind the unit,

and poking out its nose to taunt us,

causing so much fuss.

We finally have it cornered,

there’s nowhere it can run;

and the trap is sprung.

And we have a rat in a container,

It’s just gone the hour of one

(In the morning)

and we shall sort out where to take it

in the morning –

well, later in the morning

when we’ve all had some sleep.


2 responses to ““It’s RATher Late!”

  1. sounds like me and the raccoon last night eating the cat food in the lanai….after trying to wash dry kibble in the pool, yikes….what a mess…..sigh.

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