A Missed Opportunity (about Mushrooms).

A Missed Opportunity (about Mushrooms).

NB Insert your own vision of a coffee mug perched precariously upon a Cornish Staddle Stone – what follows will then make some sort of sense.

“There’s always a mug on the mushroom.”

“Well…” I replied, twenty minutes later,

“That’s because there isn’t ‘mush room’ for anything else!”

which may have been funny at the time; but, at a distance, lost it’s wit.

I only wish that I had uttered it

at the moment when

it would have had the most impact, then,

not now;

how I mourn the loss of a chance

of ‘infamy, infamy; they’ve all got it infamy!’

6 responses to “A Missed Opportunity (about Mushrooms).

  1. Ah. I too feel the melancholy pain of a too-late comeback popping into my sluggish brain 😂😂😂

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