The day I nukerawaved my coffee.

The day I nukerawaved my coffee.

I nukerawaved the coffee

that I had from yesterdee,

then let it go cold

before I drank it down.

It really hit the spot,

no matter it wasn’t hot;

for, like as like not,

I wore the effects upon my face

just like a crown.

I know that makes little

or no sense

it is some coffee nonsense;

the type that gets me kicked right out of town.

And scanning this poem isn’t,

though it’s rhymes are rather pleasant,

like when you’ve missed a wandering pheasant,

a loitering in the road.

Which is not to say it’s worthy,

too long, and far to earthy (soft ‘th’ there as in ‘there’)

but, it’s all I have to offer

and to share.


2 responses to “The day I nukerawaved my coffee.

  1. tha’ll do, laddy, tha’ll do

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