Where is the Cheesewring?

Where is the Cheesewring?

Just because I can’t see the Cheesewring,

doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I stand and stare,

as somebody there

might be staring back

and not seeing me –

and I exist

to that I’ll agree.

So, I’ll take it for granted,

ignore the doubts that I’ve planted,

and believe it is well.

I’ll pop back later,

to update my data,

and with clarity tell

that ‘the Cheesewring is there!’

Proclaim the fact,

toll the bell,

and sleep easy for another night

knowing that all is well,

all is alright.


11 responses to “Where is the Cheesewring?

  1. Well, now, I know Cheesewring ! What an interesting place with the big stones.. You worried about them 🙂

    Good Morning dear G, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. How nice dear G, I searched on Google, interesting to see/to walk there too… Dark clouds over the village but don’t rain yet… Love, nia

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