Short Story?

Short Story?

A short story, by definition, must be short – it must also be a story.

Writing a short story is one of life’s pleasurable experiences. Or it isn’t.

It may be that your short story doesn’t have a proper ending; it’s characters may be too one-dimensional; or your plot may be thinner than an ice-cream’s prospects of succesfully sight-seeing in Hell.

‘A bad short story is only a few words away from being a good short story’. Discuss.

The other way round also works.

The best thing is to read lots of short stories and see how the writers have achieved a strong beginning, a confident middle and a tidy ending – or how they have twisted the beginning, middle and end to suit their own particular style.

‘The twist in the tale – how do I achieve it?’

How indeed? A lot of short stories take many rewrites to get to the finished state. A lot of good ideas are left along the wayside – a larger number of bad ideas, also, are jettisoned out of the window of the writing vehicle. Twists and turns in the tale? Why not?

‘And what is the point of a metaphor.’

A metaphor is like a simile. Wrong – a simile is like a metaphor. A metaphor is more substantial.

A simile is like or unlike whatever it is compared to.

Ah, well, this story, too must end.

As all good stories dd.

And all the bad ones.

Which is which is up to the reader to decide.


7 responses to “Short Story?

  1. Home wasn’t there when I returned.

  2. “A simile is like a metaphor” made me chortle with the irony of it.

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