The Letter – #SoCS – Linda G Hill’s Saturday SoCS

Linda G Hill’s #SoCS: Post

SoCS prompt: ‘Post’ see here for details

“Post haste!” I called. To no one.

No one answered. This did not surprise me; but, what did, was the letter that appeared in front of me without any apparent means of having gotten there.

A plain white envelope, slightly faded to a parchmental alabaster- – as if the years had taunted its purity – with a name, address and stamp. The monarch’s profile was not of our present queen – maybe one of the previous Georges – and I was not expert enough to know roughly when it could have been sent. My best guess was pre-1950s.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the potential treasure inside the letter, and so I decided to open it, then paused. Should I? It wasn’t addressed to me. But, possession is ninety percent of something, so I could do so if I wanted to. Who was there to stop me apart from myself?

I hate it when I start asking myself questions. I have to then hold a discussion over the merits for and against any course of action. Indecisive. Yes, that’s what I am.

The back of the envelope was blank apart from a greasy stain where the flap met the mid-section, or whatever it’s called. Perhaps that was where the writer had sealed it with a kiss? Now I was reluctant to open the letter; a missive to a sweetheart was probably not written with the possibility of another’s eyes being the ones to read it. Perhaps I should try and see if there was anybody still alive of the addressee’s name in the area. It was not a common name. Perhaps they were writing to each other in the war? I could check online to see if any Valerie Sinclairs were to be found.

So, with that decision made, I put off opening the letter.

Maybe, I thought, this was the reason the letter had never been opened before.

Maybe it never would be.

(SoC in 14minutes 15seconds)

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