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Today’s Words.

Today’s words

if it does matter

is utter faff

and total spatter.

Please pop them in a Haiku,

a Tanka or do not

I don’t mind

if I find

that you haven’t done so –

I’ll just surmise

that you won’t have won

the three grand prize.

ABHM – #13 Tanka for LPG (Liskeard Poetry Group)


“It’s just a Monday

like any other Monday.”

No. You are quite wrong.

Today’s a bank holiday;

ABHM – we love it!

#13 Tanka (Sunday) – I almost forgot!

I almost forgot

I need to write a Tanka –

I do one daily;

and to forget would be wrong

and cause untold misery.

The Bavarian is at the gate…

The Bavarian is at the gate…

I bet he’s going to try

and sell us some more

Black Forest Gateau

on a fancy plate.

The Weather Today.

“The Weather is here!

You know what? It’s always here;

wet, dry, cold or hot;

we just always seem to have

the weather that we have got.”

A rare treat – Grae ‘live’.

Captured for posteriority way back in 2017

The above link takes you back to a performance by myself of some of my ‘of the moment’ poetry at Southampton’s Art House (a fine establishment) just before we left to take up residents (sic) in CornwallKernow! G:)

Where Was Walter?


Hash Tag Where Was Walter?

He never appeared .

Our paths should have crossed

to finish the job;

I was there,

as was Billy,

so was Bob –

so, what happened to Walter?

We won’t be able to finish the job

without him…

Hash Tag not completed

Where’s Walter?

Sunshine and Shade

It’s warm in the Sunshine,

cool in the shade;

and when life threw us lemons

we made pink lemonade.

Why pink?

Nobody knows,

a shade that in France they would call rose,

I suppose.

Pickled Beetroot in Bed.

Chocolate, Banana & Beetroot Cake – Beetroot from our neighbour, John, and made by Jane:)

When you eat

pickled beetroot in bed

you can then help

to paint the town red

and / or purple, I said;

well, at least, some of it.

#SoCS – it’s almost a real blog!

So, here is my ten minute spiel for Saturday the 25th of Augustinius.

Been photographing butterflies in the garden today (not what I should have been doing, obviously) and took some stunning (to my mind) pictures.

Have had such pleasure from the bees and butterflies on the Buddliea – lots of bees (and bs).

The sky has been a mixture of cloud, dark cloud and clear blue sky – and we are getting a mixture of warmth, chill, breeze and it is hard to keep up with the constant changing.

Just popped in for some lunch with Jane and then I shall get back out to try and sort out the problem that we have with water leaking through into the kitchen flooring. The drainage system is not ideal and we may have to think it through as to whether we alter it or just reseal around the drain.

Just one of the things that we have inherited in our lovely cottage home – it is 130 years young and so we expect some areas that will need upkeep as we go.

BTW this is more of an actual blog than I normally do – any good?

Not so much of the madness that normally ensues when I put thumbs to screen.

Oh, well, I shall have to say fare thee well and adios for now mon amigos.

Here’s to next time when we can travel with the words once more.


PS the t*imer hasn’t gone off yet.

*the timer went off here.