In the room where people wait.

Waiting in a room

named for that purpose

with all the patients

waiting patiently

of course.

After the person who is next

after the person who is next

and after the three people before him

who are also next to the person next to them.

Books and magazines to read;

although most are too hi-Brow for a boy like me.

The Rupert annual is calling;

People’s Friend 2015 is not.

Shall I read of the adventures

of Rupert and…

here I pause…

It’s been a while since I read of Rupert and his chums,

and I think that I have forgotten their names.

Perhaps Edgar is one –

perhaps not.

Chi-Chi has a vague possibility, and there is an elephant, a badger…

Oh, dear! My Rupert knowledge has gone from all to very little.

All I know is that he wears a yellow-checked scarf, yellow-checked trousers, red jumper and shoes. As most bears (if not all bears) don’t.

I shall have to swot up and refresh my memories.

Whatever happened to Nostalgia?

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