All about #SoCT (Stream of Consciousness Thursday)

About this 10-minute thing that I do. Stream of conscious and all that within a fixed time.

Well, it stops me rabbiting on forever – a good thing – and it keeps my words to a length that is not ‘too’ heavy for the reader if lightness and brevity. Even though I do try to keep in some levity as I go. And not forgetting a few poetical bits, some puns, and the random-thought generator that leads me off up the garden path on occasion.

I also try and remember to put things into paragraphs for easier reading.

Sometimes, I introduce new words or concepts purely because I am not actively thinking about where my thoughts are going (bit of a bonus that) and where my word-travels are, ultimately, heading.

I try and start, continue, and finish (as one does) with a rounded write that is achieved near enough on the 10 minutes as can be. Sometimes I have just a few more words left to say at the end and so I indicate (not abdicate, I never do that) where the 10-minutes ended (by using an *) and just pop in a concluding few words (never more than that, honest) to finish the whole thing with it’s neat and tidy end.

Usually, but not always. I lack any sense whatsoever – and yet you guys and gals still seem to love the fact that I tried.

Thank you – it maketh an old writer keep on writing (and on and on).

And, yes, I do use old words within the whole thing for no apparent reason – I just like old words – forsooth and yoiks! Yet the auto-correct daemon hates me for doing so and we have a tumultuous struggle over who knows best what I am trying to say – often it is me.

Well, I sense that the hands of time * are almost around my neck, so I’ll finish here.

*10-minute timer went off here.



2 responses to “All about #SoCT (Stream of Consciousness Thursday)

  1. We ought to all use more old-fashioned words, methinks!

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