Tankas #1-7 (for Liskeard Poetry Group)

Tanka set Monday,

and just four weeks to do it;

better get a start.

But, hey! Why not just leave it

right until the last minute.


I know, now’s the time,

get the thing out of the way,

then rest for a while.

But, I could do it later;

tomorrow, maybe… maybe.


Tomorrow is here;

well, yesterday’s tomorrow,

Which is now today.

Shall this be the day I write

my definitive Tanka?


Right! Stop all delays,

on with writing the Tanka –

it won’t write itself!

Which is true of most great works,

and a lot of lesser ones.



the chance to write a Tanka,

so often not taken.

And, as definitions go,

that just about sums this up.


What is difficult?

It’s just a normal Haiku

With two extra lines.

Which are both seven syllables long –

not nine and then five.


So, a week has passed,

and I haven’t finished it;

still, plenty of time

for me to get perfect rhyme,

metre and pitch – lots of time.



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