‘-ic’ and ‘-ical’ prompt for Linda G Hill’s #SoCS

#SoCS prompt the suffixes ‘ic’ or ‘ical’ See here for details

Giving myself a 10-minute limit (as is my wont).

Being born in Suffix (which I wasn’t) I have always considered my self to be a Suffix boy.

Not to be too philosophical about it, I always try to be soporific – whatever that means.

I speak lyrical and sometimes satirical sentences on any pretences – it’s what I was raised to do.

I spout words calorific, though never specific, and they turn out horrific when, as is typical, I’m too analytical and who is to say if I’m just hypocritical when I speak what I do.

I can’t be specific when I’m crossing the Pacific, though it’s never too calm for a clam.

I am somewhat parasitical, if not a little less political, who’s the critic being critical in an ICU ward?

Now here is a thing – the bell it does ring – if not it is quiet as a picnic is picnicical – with the horrors that a wasp attack will bring.

I panic. I am really quite panicical – though not in a piratically practical sort of way.

I have much that is wittical, funny and dittical, though raucous laughter is not at all where I am attic at all. Bury your ants, your aunts, and lofticical maybe*

*this is where my 10-minutes ended – thank goodness! G:)


15 responses to “‘-ic’ and ‘-ical’ prompt for Linda G Hill’s #SoCS

  1. I hugely like this Grae and as you know I dont muchly do huge. Yours diminutivelt Ruthie

  2. …diminutively, not velt, I’m neveer velt.

  3. Fantastic! And bombastic! 😉

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