A 10-Minute SoC on the theme of…

A 10-minute Stream-of-Consciousness Write, upon the theme of…

I don’t know. Something original, perhaps.

Or a tried and trusted old theme of…

No. I haven’t thought of one yet.

This will never do.

I’ll sue.

But, who? Or whom?

There isn’t enough time or room to sue everyone.

And, surely, not everyone is requiring to be sued.

It would, in all honest, be extremely rude.

I haven’t accrued enough enemies to make it a gang war.

I also haven’t accrued enough friends willing to don handbags at dawn to make it an even battle.

I shall just be content to shake a rattle from a distance and throw all of my toys out of the pram (or perambulator, as it was called back in the day when I actually needed one – I didn’t have one, I just needed one).

Anyway, a theme seems quite unlikely now; as, somehow, I’ve nearly written for as long as 10-minutes will allow. How? Just some of the usual waffle that flows from my brain, down my arms, through my thumbs and onto this phone screen. Have you ever seen anybody writing with two pens at the same time? No? Well, I am ambithumberous! And before you look it up, let me just say that I am a creator of words. Not very good words, but words nevertheless. Today I shall mostly be waffling on in a strangely fluent way in this and then I shall do the same but with voice and deeds.

Is your life remotely sane? I know mine has a tendency to float around like a floaty thing.

PS I must just say that I hope I did set the timer running… otherwise, I could be writing until the cows come home – which is quite late around here, though I couldn’t give you an exact time – shall we say ‘dreckly!’ Are you ready? *



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