#3 Tanka (Haibun) for LPG (Liskeard Poetry Group)

Tomorrow is here;

well, yesterday’s tomorrow,

Which is now today.

Shall this be the day I write

my definitive Tanka?

Well, obviously not. I would think (well, I would, wouldn’t I) that I shall procrastinate over the writing of a proper Tanka for Liskeard Poetry Group’s next meeting for a good while yet.

And, mixing things up, I am doing a Tanka / Haibun today.

A Haibun? Not an elevated bread stuff; no that it is not.

A Haibun is a Haiku followed by prose. The two can be related (as mine are today) or they can be totally separate in their themes.

I have slightly adjusted things by using the first three lines golf my Tanka as the Haiku for the Haibun – needs must.

This is day three (3) of my quest to write lots of Tanka (Tankas?) before the meeting next month (September the somethingth).

I know that a true Tanka writer would sweat and anguish over just one Tanka in that time; but I have never been that sort of poet. Write ’em quick and on with the next!

This may not mean that I write throwaway words – but, it may look like that for most of the time.

But, every so often I do manage something of worth – honest!

Anyways, as I write under the dreary angst-ridden skies of Cornwall, I thought that these words would clarify what has gone before and what is yet to…



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