A Drabble – 100 Words with no repetition!

A Drabble!

One hundred words.

Without repetition!

How on Earth am I going to do that?

It’s impossible.

Can’t be done.

Nobody in their right mind would even try such an enterprise.

Mankind, myself included, is not ready for such strange writing formats.

What about crafting my words alphabetically using every letter of the alphabet four times? Missing zeds, obviously.

No, wouldn’t work – far too silly.

Perhaps, by seeking inspiration through prosaic research articles, productivity has potential.

Sadly, someone’s library ticket has recently expired.

Subsequent foraging readily confirms text books tell tall tales – destiny recommends: try again tomorrow.

Weather permitting.


6 responses to “A Drabble – 100 Words with no repetition!

    • Thank you – I managed to leave two ‘how’ in until the last minute. It wasn’t easy. Although I have written a 400 word story with no (noticeable) repetitions.

      Have a great day, Robbie


    • Hey! You’re not coming up on my stats! Are you liking ‘under the radar’? Are you a secret stat evader? Are you Darth Vader? Well, maybe not the last one. You have until 3pm on a day of your choosing to answer or not answer this query, please suit up and suit yourself. Kind regards – G’s Admin Team.

      • Hmm. No idea. The only thing I can think of is maybe the stats show up on the wrong day because of timezones? Is it Wednesday where you are?

        All of my Amazon stats are a day or two late because Australia is often in the middle of a different day than the US!

      • Grae is currently out of the office.

        This is an automated reply.

        Please be aware that…

        It’s always Wednesday where he is – perhaps that’s the problem. Or, it’s a WP ting / thing.

        Have a great Wednesday, Tobbie. Or Robbie.

        G’s Admin Team

      • Dear G’s Admin Team,

        It could well be a WP thing. Or maybe I’m a ghost. But mostly, I’m probably just Darth Vader.

        Enjoy your Wednesday. Hope you’re not dreadfully sick of them.

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