The 10-Minute Challenge (being about 10-minute challenges).

10 minutes with no prep and absolutely no idea what O am going to write about.

So, no change there, then.

It has become something of a weekend ritual to do these 10-minute stream of consciousness writes, sometimes they are quite fun to write and (from one or two responses) quite fun to read.

They are part of a 10-minute task that my Writing Group (of which I am a member – I don’t own it) use at the end of meetings (when time allows) to give our writing brains a sudden-shock ‘work-out’.

Some of the short pieces that the group comes up with are impressive to say the least. But, getting an idea, a start, middle, and to wrap the whole thing up within the 10-minutes is a little bit of an ask – and a task.

Trying to pace an idea within a time frame and keep it from straying or being endless (lacking a conclusive finish) is hard work. I think my brain has something in it that allows me to do this and produce some pieces that are (largely) of a decent standard.

With the lack of time for major editing we get what we get and that has to be taken into account when considered afterwards.

It is a challenge that I really do like and practice has improved my efforts a great deal.

I here sense that the 10-minutes is nearly up (perhaps I should have a visible timer for these?) and apart from Rosie the cat seeking my attention mid way through, I think it all went off rather spiffingly – which is a word that is not used so much these days, I think.

If I carry on writing for a few more sentences, I may see how far off I was from it actually being * 10-minutes.

*The timer went off here.



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