Bodily Functions – Linda G Hill’s #SoCS

My response to Linda G Hills’s #SoCS prompt try writing one and see what fun they can be.

Bodily Functions

Bodily functions were held in the Bodily Town Hall – apart from, when suitable, the Sun was shining, in which case the gardens to the rear of the Bodily Town Hall were utilised.

As of late, weddings were the most popular of all the various functions to be held there. Fêtes and Dog Shows were also very popular in the gardens, tea-parties inside and outside (when whether did not permit) and Pilates Marathons inside were the main items on any self-disrespecting Bodily inhabitant.

A Whist Drive was quite popular; but the old-style Bingo was falling into a state of lethargic attendance where people just couldn’t dib the numbers like they used to.

A notice went up on Bodily Town Hall for an ‘Open-Mic Night’ and ‘Karaoke’ combination session; but Bodily wasn’t ready for this and rejected the idea – poor ticket sales also derailed many other new-fangled events.

But, the Flea-Market was still going, some fifty years after it first started – with just one flea. Now there were hundreds – if not thousands.

All-in-all, Bodily Functions were something of a hotch-potch.*

*the 10-minutes that I allow myself for this sort of thing (or it will go on and on) was signalled over, by my timer, here.


6 responses to “Bodily Functions – Linda G Hill’s #SoCS

  1. You are off the wall! 😁

  2. And ‘thank you’ for that compliment, Ritu. G:)

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