When a Haiku is just not enough!

When a Haiku is just not enough!

Hardly a mouthful,

the Haiku is short and sweet;

leaves you wanting more.

Another Haiku?

Or should you seek something more?

A sonnet maybe?

Even Tankas are lacking

a true poem’s length.

And a couplet is over in a few seconds short

That it’s longevity in brevity is certainly nought.

But if we cobble together a mixture of these,

and add a random poem on a subject like cheese,

it may make the poetry enough

to get you through stuff;

or make the hairs grow on your knees.

Edam is made backwards

in a country called Dutch;

I know that’s not it’s real name,

but I shall put it as such;

and Peter Pan liked his cheese all the same

and made in Nethernetherland,

Or, at least, that is his claim.


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