The La, Lala La Song (written in 10-minutes)

10-minutes to write a song.

Ten minutes is all I have

Chord FMaj

No longer than that

Chord GMaj

So what can I do?

Chug on F5

I need to get a chorus

That makes the listener want to sing along

That makes the listener sing along

Even when the song has long gone.

F5 Chord stops.

FMaj strum

Just another la, lala la song

La, lala la

This is just another seeking credibility with a sing-a-long chorus song

La, lala la

La, lala la

La, lala la


Lala la!

Repeat chorus lots sometimes muting the chords or using staccato strumming.

And end on an FMaj

The audience obviously joins in with lots of lalalaing.

The song fades out and then fades back in again

There is only one intro and verse and the rest is just chorus.

The B-side is the song played backwards (no Satanic messages to be heard).

Also there is a version that is in a foreign language – although it is very poorly translated and only the chorus works as it does in English.

The title is The La, Lala La Chorus Song

It is going to be a top 10 (million million) selling single (7”).


18 responses to “The La, Lala La Song (written in 10-minutes)

  1. I was la-la-ing. Could you hear?

  2. The Febrile Imaginings of a Cluttered Mind….. WOW!
    Wonderful start for a new week, Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

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