Archie ‘Diggory’ O’Logist.

Archie ‘Diggory’ O’Logist was a painter and decorator, specialising in skirting boards and soffits.

Of course he wasn’t!

He was an archaeologist. He followed closely in the footsteps of his parents, Dug and Eartha, and knew from an early age that his calling was to be covered in mud, head down in the remains of a buried Anglo-Saxon village gently sweeping the dust of ages from off of a gilded bracelet.

Archie had a silver trowel as a Christening present, and his very own Junior Archaeologist kit at age three. So, becoming a solicitor or an astronaut seemed a highly unlikely outcome.

Enrolled at Archaeology training pre-school on his third birthday (with his new J.A. kit) Archie soon became an experienced sifter of soil, cleaner of artefacts, and categoriser of things ancient and pre-modern.

Today, Archie is head honcho of all things Archaeological.

He can be found at digs all around the country, and wherever he is there is bound to be a TV presence to match; for he is now a celebrity, championing the pursuit of the past, unearthing the interest of the present, planning the journeys of the future.


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