My Stream-of-Consciousness-Friday Posting (because I thought it was Saturday – d’oh!)

my response to Linda’s Challenge (but a day too early) please find the details here

10-minutes to write a Haiku.**

I know the format ‘5-7-5’ relating to the three-line, seventeen-syllable thing; but, rarely, do I go for an all out ‘proper’ Haiku.

You know, the one where the first two lines set up the stall and the third line gives you the glass of punch – though that is stating it in a slightly different way than the Japanese Haiku-Masters would have put it.

The Haiku, in its purest form should be about Nature.

I tend to go for the impure form of writing in the Haiku format about anything else under the Sun.

I suppose it’s because I have used the Haiku for Comedic purposes in my attempts. The #Walku, #Beastiku, and others too numerous to remember, all stem from my desire to amuse and inspire others to enjoy poetry in whatever form they encounter it.

Recycle Poets;

They’re biodegradable –

Bury one and see.

Is one of my Haiku that examples the above.

I probably ‘have’ written a Haiku that is more in line with the honourable Japanese poets’ intentions; but, I can’t remember any – which in its own way proves a little what I am saying.

To try and write a pure Haiku from scratch, now, would be possible; but, may not have any intrinsic worth.

Skys envelope me,

Whilst the ground supports my limbs;

Just glad the world is.

There you go.

A beautiful little Haiku, written in just about the time it took to write it – honestly – and having little lasting impact on somebody reading it as a leaf fluttering down in a forest might* gain.

*my 10-Minutes ended here with the sound of my alarm.

**PS written early before I knew that ‘call’ was the prompt word – oops!


2 responses to “My Stream-of-Consciousness-Friday Posting (because I thought it was Saturday – d’oh!)

  1. what’s a single word between friends? I found it very interesting.

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