Megan the Vegan

Megan the Vegan doesn’t rhyme (apart from visually –

– obvs.)


When I first wrote that, I was a younger man. Now, I am a few minutes older (no wiser, just older).

Meagan the Vegan or Megan the Veggan just wouldn’t work the same.

If your name is Megan (Meggan, Meagan, or Migan) please feel free to contradict my theory.

If you are a vegan who is happy to be referred to as a Veggan – likewise.

Other than that – have a nice day, y’all!



8 responses to “Megan the Vegan

  1. I don’t understand why the g isn’t soft in vegan, after all, it’s based on vege, which is a soft g …

  2. But what about the Tegans of the world?

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