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Friday’s Tanka

Jane and the musical force that is Ryan Davies.

“Friday’s Tanka here!

I’d just like to say something,

if that is okay?

I am so pleased to announce

that my existence is true.”

A ‘Murder’ Drabble or a 99-Worder?

I wrote a Drabble,

then I removed a word;

and found that I had a ninety-nine worder.

The difference between the one

and the other

was ‘……’ –

for that was the word that I chose

to remove.

What does that prove?

And what can you do when you’re


to be precise?

Spell-check once…

then spell-check twice.

Everything should then be


(you may be able to fine a better

descriptive word

than that.

‘Nice’ is okay;

but, if you take my advice,

use it

and you may end up

where I am today!)

In Cornwall!


A Poetry Drabble

Can a drabble

be written in poetic form?

I hear it’s wrong,

not the norm

to do such a thing with a drabble.

But, in the parable by Zak

there is always a lack

of detail upon the subject.

I object when I am told

“Behold! These are the rules!

To vary is only done by the biggest of fools!”

And, as you know,

I am one, so.

A hundred words here are written.

If you are not happy by that…

“Bite me!” I shall be bitten

if by my words

and how they are put

you are not smitten.

Train Poetry

Have you ever tried

writing poetry on a train

you’ll write it time table and again

and the rhythm’s always the same

when you’re travelling on the train;

because, although life’s a pain,

a train will take away the strain

and leave you less insane

than you were inside your brain.


Wherever you go

whatever you do

there’s always a train

travelling through

you get on the train

and look at the view

that’s passing you by

as you’re going to Looe.

A Day Trip to Liskeard (by car), Looe (by train), and Polperro (by glass-bottom boat).

Possibly on this boat…

It’s Thursday morning,

we are going on a boat,

and also a train,

to Liskeard Looe, Polperro –

it’s going to be so cool.

I’l take some pictures

of the journey to show you –

and it will not rain;

because we have ordered Sun

and it’s arriving at Noon.

Two Tankas are sometimes better than one – sometimes. (Tankas for #LPG #LiskeardPoetryGroup).

Two Tankas for the Price of One!

Tanka very much,

I appreciate your help

in all that I do.

Which sentiment is sincere

if not a little solemn.


Well, that was no fun!

I usually say less

and make it jokey.

But, Wednesday can be dull

if it rains and I get wet.


A Tiny Vignette

Do You Read These If They Don’t Have A Picture?

‘Plinketty-Plonketty’ Peter Penquite (the second ‘e’ of which is pronounced thus giving it the full three-syllables of silliness – ‘Pen-Kwit-e’) was, shall we say – yes, let’s – quite pernickety.


Well, that’s a story for a post far longer than this one.