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Embrocation vs. Embarcation.

Aka Embarcation vs. Embrocation

I was sat sitting in the Embrocation Lounge. It was almost exactly like waiting in a Waiting Room; but, not.

I was waiting for my flight. I had been unable to get from the ground floor to the first floor for quite some time. Soon, that problem would be sorted.

They had called it the Gerard Depardieu Lounge – that made me smile inwardly.

I was late. As in not early. This was normal for me because I was not normal.

I waited until I stopped waiting. That was when I did something else, though I can’t remember what.

After that I hung about a bit. Not waiting, just hanging about – there is a difference – until a bat bit my robot. I bet that is quite unusual.

Later that day, I reminisced a little, then a lot, then not at all.

I thought about embroidery, then realised I was actually thinking about embrocation and the magic of flights of fancy.


Whatever happened to Pandrinity?

A question that I hope will not be asked for a long, long time.

New words need a little time to find their feet and metre.

Pandrinity is a new new word and, after a pain-free birth, mother and child are both doing well.

Google (or otherwise) Pandrinity now and see it already has a grip on the world.

Better still, write a piece about Pandrinity and become one of the few that are in the know.





I’ve reached my limit.

3,354 Posts posted and I can now no longer upload a funny picture to add kudos to my plain words. The available space for me to do so is nil, nada, zip, zero, not a lot at all.

What shall I do? Just post words without additional pictures? Stop the site here and open up a whole new one?

Answers (not Antwerps) are not readily forthcoming to me.

I think I’ve used this site for free.

Should I become a payee?

Let me think upon this and see.


Pandrinity, too!


Pandrinity came up when I searched for it on Google (other searchy things are available).

Admittedly, it was in relation to the two posts (some to be three) that I posted today that mentioned the new word that a couple of people are talking about – pandrinity!

If only takes a few people to use a word and ‘whoosh!’ it becomes a household (almost) topic that is espoused (or exposed) around every meal table (if people still use those).

Create your own word today, use it lots, and see it gain in popularity.

We’ve lost some old words in the past – let’s create some new ones for the future.


Pandrinity! It’s here to stay.

Metrophobics Anonymous 2

Metrophobics Anonymous.

Meeting 2.

Welcome back

To those not here for the craic

Which is Irish for something

And I give that information to you

For nothing.

We shall start with a poem…

Metrophobics Anonymous

Metrophobics Anonymous.

Meeting tonight,

We’ll put you right – fast.

Starting at 7, ends at 11

minutes past.



‘Pandrinity: The ability to create new words and not know what they mean.’

I have that ability.

I am Pandrinitious.

I think.

I do not know what I know not.

However, ‘pandrinity’ may soon pop up as an actual thing when you pop it into a search engine, or a toaster!

I jest.


Pandrinity: a new board game from Harsbro (other board game manufacturers of a similar spelling are also available).