Embrocation vs. Embarcation.

Aka Embarcation vs. Embrocation

I was sat sitting in the Embrocation Lounge. It was almost exactly like waiting in a Waiting Room; but, not.

I was waiting for my flight. I had been unable to get from the ground floor to the first floor for quite some time. Soon, that problem would be sorted.

They had called it the Gerard Depardieu Lounge – that made me smile inwardly.

I was late. As in not early. This was normal for me because I was not normal.

I waited until I stopped waiting. That was when I did something else, though I can’t remember what.

After that I hung about a bit. Not waiting, just hanging about – there is a difference – until a bat bit my robot. I bet that is quite unusual.

Later that day, I reminisced a little, then a lot, then not at all.

I thought about embroidery, then realised I was actually thinking about embrocation and the magic of flights of fancy.

2 responses to “Embrocation vs. Embarcation.

  1. Nice one Grae. Gerard Depardieu Lounge!

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