I’ve reached my limit.

3,354 Posts posted and I can now no longer upload a funny picture to add kudos to my plain words. The available space for me to do so is nil, nada, zip, zero, not a lot at all.

What shall I do? Just post words without additional pictures? Stop the site here and open up a whole new one?

Answers (not Antwerps) are not readily forthcoming to me.

I think I’ve used this site for free.

Should I become a payee?

Let me think upon this and see.


7 responses to “I’ve reached my limit.

  1. Dude! You’re married to a web designer and partner of a company with its own server! D’oh! We can move it across x

  2. I do a chuck-out session of house-keeping!

  3. Thank you, Cage; but, I can’t get rid of my words – they are my children.
    I sure have a lot of children. G:)

  4. Actually I was in the same point and then I pay now yearly… At the end it takes you there… especially if you post lots of images, etc.

    Good Luck dear G, whatever you decide you know we are here 🙂

  5. I hear blue host is good. That’s who I’m going to try. Upgrading here changed nothing and was a waste of my money. But I was trying to have a business not short on space.

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