My 10-Minute SoC challenge

I give myself ten minutes to write something. I do this because I haven’t anything specific to write about at the moment. Not poetry, not prose, no dialogue – nothing.

So, ten minutes are ticking away and what can I say? Notice the rhyme there? I don’t intend for the poetry to intrude or make my words out to be misconstrued. I don’t always know what ‘misconstrued’ means – but, mostly I do. Do you?

And what is a ‘rhetorical question?’

Don’t answer that. Or do – it’s up to you and down to me.

Now I stop and reflect upon what has gone before, and what is yet to arrive.

But, I am always in the present whilst I do so.

Are you with me on this?

You ‘can’ answer that question if you like – it’s not as if I can hear you from here. You can shout all you like – it will only affect those in your near to immediate vicinity.

Do you believe in pandrinity? Do you even know what pandrinity is?

Look it up and be amazed by what you find. It will, in all probability, empty your mind with wonder.

You’ll find it under ‘miscellaneous’ in some dictionaries; but, if it’s not in yours, don’t worry, you can always buy another, weirder, one.

It’s fun to create words. Oh! Didn’t you know. Well, try it and see what you can come up with.

If nothing else happens for you, you will at least have created a new word for the world to enjoy.

And what the world needs now,

is words, sweet words – we have far too few of them, and why should our language stagnate when we can magic words out of nothing at an alarming rate?*

*my 10-minutes timer sounded here.


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