Organ – Linda G Hill’s SoCS

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Organ SoCS – Linda G Hill

Organic, manic mechanic,

other words ending in ’ick’ (sic)

What should I write to explain my panic?

I know not what – so far utter butter nutter rot – carrot!?

No. I really should pen something sensible, comprehensible, defensible.

I should… but, is that likely?

Not gonna happen.

Okay, Organ is the prompt,

And I won’t rest until I’be got that prompt whomped!

I had to get that rhyme in,

And I did just in time,

Due to my perfect timin’

Or my lack of thingy.

I say ’thingy’ because I can’t recall the word I wanted;

It wouldn’t come to mind,

I vouldn’t find it

at all

No way


I’all remember it later,

when it’s too late to matter,

batter, fatter, hatter…

now, it’s just silly, Billy.

If that is your name?

Which it probably isn’t.

Though if it is – go me!

To a nunnery?

Mayhaps not. though the idea does have some credibility, ability, fragility, senility, finality to this banality… isn’t the 10-minutes up yet? Did I set the timer properly.?

And why haven’t I mentioned ’Organ’ more?

Well, perhaps it’s because I am planning poor. Or things have gone awry, astray, doo-lally, today.

I will just have to stop here and now as my 10 minute*s is most definitely up!

*10-Minutes alarm here!

11 responses to “Organ – Linda G Hill’s SoCS

  1. Definitely a stream of consciousness lol!!!

  2. I resemble the thinking behind this particular thought flow. As Ritu said, definitely SoC thinking…or beer. Writing post beer is fascinating reading the following morning. Although 10 minutes might suggest sugar rush. 😂

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