The OW (The Open Window).

10-minute exercise (2) The Open Window.

The OW

Owen: I have applied to join the OW.

Newo: The OW? What is the OW?

Owen: It’s the Open Window.

Newo: Not the Open University? You don’t mean the OU, do you?

Owen: No. Not even the Open University Window. Not even the Sealed-Up Window of the old Building Done so as to Avoid Window Tax; Not even the Sealed Knot. I am joining the Open Window, is that clear?

Newo: I don’t know, it could have frosted glass.

Owen: Oh, ha ha! And from now on I would appreciate it if you could call me Sacha.

Newo: Isn’t that a girl’s name?

Owen: Only when given to a girl; in the case of a boy Sacha is a boy’s name.

Newo: Well, that’s going to be a pane! Can’t I just call you Cilla, instead.

Owen: I’d rather you didn’t, do I make myself clear?

Newo: If you wish. Just watch out for the occasional brick being hurled in your general direction.

Owen: I know, I might have a shattering experience.

Newo: And your wife might become a window widow.

Owen: Oh, ha ha, again.


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