Round The Block Twice – LWG Prompt

Round the Block Twice – Liskeard Writers Group 10-minute prompt.

Henry looked at it from the vantage of the regal throne.

Unsatisfied he levered his massive body up and trudged along to the area of the South Gate. He gazed at it from there for a while.

No. It didn’t seem to be a good viewing point as the Sun was too high and so one’s vision would be affected.

The third side of the Tower’s gardens was better; but, there was a sorely evil-smelling breeze coming up from the Thames.

Henry tried the North aspect and decided that that was in no way where he should be, too close to the crowds.

Henry decided to try the throne again. It was comfortable; and so, it was right that here he would sit – that is, if he were to be here for the big event, which he wouldn’t.

Why should he get involved, it was Anne’s big day; and, anyway, he had an assignation with Jane.

What did they say: ‘Never go round the block twice?’

Well, he was king and he could go round as many times as he wanted.

Besides, Jane was a looker, not like that Witch, Anne.

Henry took himself of to his meal of meat, meat and more meat – he’d certainly need all that sustenance for his tryst with Jane later.


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