Swoop! (About Gulls).

Swoop! (About Gulls).

Avoiding the cracks on the pavement,

meant that I was not paying attention

to what was going on around me;

to be precise ’above and behind me’.

I was also balancing the dietary combination

of pasty in one hand

with an ice-cream in the other.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I was rudely awakened to the realities

of Looe and its resident opportunists seeking opportunities.

I have never seen a Herring Gull so big,

or was it just that close up they seem larger?

Anyway, this one was working in tandem

with a White-Headed Gull, patrolling the mean streets of a Cornish town on the look-out for easy-pickings, scraps and lickings.

Seeing me, they zoomed right in;

One grabbing the sweet, one the savoury –

oh, how I wished they were safely enclosed in an aviary.

It was over in a manic blur of wings and beaks;

whoever speaks from personal experience of these street muggings

is liable to be shaking and unable to string a sentence together –

and desperately in need of comfort and huggings.

Ah, well, ’stormy weather’ as they say,

helps to keep the gulls away.


2 responses to “Swoop! (About Gulls).

  1. they like to hang in our McDonalds parking lot, french fries found 🙂

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