A few thoughts upon gurney riding.

Journeys on gurneys

are seldom much fun;

but, as long as you’re living

you may like to try one.

With the help of a porter,

they are quite sedate,

to get you to your destination,

hopefully, not too late.

A gurney is a wheeled stretcher

if you didn’t know

for transporting patients

where they have to go,

or back from where they have been

as a form of transport

it’s incredibly green.

A ride on a gurney may be just what you need

if you have a bad allergic reaction to tweed,

fall off your horse whilst hanging your clothes,

or find a turnip growing in the depths of your nose.

Maybe, as a form of transport,

it leaves a lot to be desired;

Perhaps you should just use it

if you’ve recently expired.


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