My Salmon-Pink Car.

My salmon-pink car

that used to be red

is now salmon-pink instead;

it’s been six or seven years

and I’ve been close to tears

from the fading image of it there in my head.

It used to be so shiny and smart;

but, now, every year,

I need a new colour chart,

to see which colour thou art…

my salmon-pink car

only goes so far

and much slower than when it was Ferrari red;

now the colour has faded,

performance seems jaded

I should get myself a go-cart instead.

My salmon-pink car

is no jaguar

in British Racing Green,

it’s more a Mini-Moke

a Cockney-rhyming joke,

and it’s becoming more of a has-been.

One day,

it will fade away,


But, for now.


I should claim ownership of it

more discretely.

My salmon-pink car

from which all the colour’s bled…

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