Selkies, Not Selfies! 100-Worder #VSS

Arthur Rackham

Selkies, Not Selfies!

What a fool I was. Am.

I was idly painting on the shore one day, when this maiden appeared – as if out of nowhere.

I was surprised, and not a little honoured, when she asked if she could take a selfie with me.

Well, painting a selfie is no easy thing; but, I think I made a decent effort of it.

She laughed at my confusion when she asked if I was hoping to hang my selfie in the Tate.

I was never to paint a picture again.

We swam away and I ended my days submerged in my art.


6 responses to “Selkies, Not Selfies! 100-Worder #VSS

  1. I love the conept of your poem Grae. Can you acknowledge the artist of the above painting please!.

  2. Is it perhaps Arthur Rackham? I know it wasnt mine!

  3. Oh its ok, I’ve checked it out. It is Arthur Rackham!

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