Moonlit Nit. 75-Worder. #VSS

Genre: #VSS (Very Short Story)


Subject: Moonlit.

Title: Moonlit Nit.

I know what you like; or, I thought I knew what you liked. I was wrong. On so many levels.

I had misread the clues you had carefully laid about the flat; picked up more Red Herrings than I knew what to do with; and concluded with a stupefyingly inaccurate exposition.

You smiled at me; me, your ideal Holmes exhibition, your What’s On app., and I knew I must indeed try much harder next time.


NB although the subject I had was ’Moonlit’ my story seems to have nothing to do with that. However, in my strangely lateral imaginings, the band Genesis have songs called Dancing With the Moonlit Knight and I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) which links gave me a different story than I might have written had I not been a Prog-Geek-Nerd-type. G:)


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