Just another normal case for two every day Detectives.

DI Charles King (DICK for short) and DC Andy Copp (DC/AC for short) are combing the crime scene (with a comb, which they are taking turns with).

DC: Here, Detective Inspector Charles King, I found this elbow print on the window sill.

DI: Elbow print? How can you trace an elbow print, let alone detect one?

DC: I specialised in elbows at Police Training School.

DI: Well done, Detective Constable Andy Copp; is there a National Register of elbow prints?

DC: No. We just have a few pictures back at the Yard.

DI: How very useful that may prove to be waits to be seen.

DC: It does, doesn’t it.

DI: Yes, it does.

SD They wait.


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