My Bio

I started writing even before I was born. My first ’unpublished’ play being a parody of one of Noël Coward’s best known dramas, which I cleverly entitled ’A Womb With A View’. However, on ’opening night’ I left the manuscript behind and was reluctant to go back for it.

At school, I was seen as a second Cyril Fletcher. My Odes were likened to those of Horace (that being Horace Smeeth a swot from the year above me, he wrote his poems on toilet paper and the English Teacher, Mr. Plougwright disposed of them accordingly).

Reaching maturity, is something I’ve always aspired to; until then my collection of Juvenillia is expanding rapidly.

As Shakespeare never said ’There are only so many words, and you can only use them so many times.’

And, that being the case, I have had to create my own unique words, my favourite being ’Badriomaku’.

My goals for the future are to finish my play ’Dialogue For A Play’ which is a non-murder mystery play; and to have my second book of Shakespearean nonsense published.



4 responses to “My Bio

  1. Very sweet, very neat!

  2. I hope you finish your Dialogue for a Play soon, because I’d like to read it. Perform in it even!

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