Besides the lake… @SibleybackLake

‘The Lake!’

‘The ducks!’

‘The geese!’

The ‘daffodils!’ NB I know they are not.

”Besides the lake

and the trees,

what is there here to please?”

‘The ducks!’ you cry,

‘The countless geese!’

“Oh, come on, behave,

your banter cease!

The air is so clear,

the aromas so pure;

the lambs they are bleating,

birds call to the shore;

where fish in the shallows

ignore all the fuss;

can you hear the traffic?”

‘No. Not even a bus!’

“Can you smell daffodils?”

I ask, with a smile.

’i think so;

are they the ones fluttering

and dancing all the while?’

”Yes, that is them,

doing the Samba beneath the trees.”

’Really? No, you’re having a tease!’

”I am!” I laugh,

”Look! There’s a giraffe!”

The ‘giraffe’

They look, they stare,

I made them lose their underwear,

as the old playground saying goes.

At the end of our time

we left for home,

myself and the dogs

having had a roam

around Siblyback Lake

in sun and shade;

a return trip date

was silently made.



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