The Tale of Nessy the Totnes Monster – it’s a biggie! Parts 1&2!

The Tale of Nessy the Totnes Monster – it’s a biggie!

They dredged the lake

with a thirty-foot rake;

and a fishing-net with holes.

They sent down divers

with handfuls of fivers;

and iridescent poles.

They looked all around;

but, nothing was found,

it seemed Nessy just wasn’t at home.

Then came a sound,

that trembled the ground;

Nessy had returned from her roam.


”Ness was busy. Ness was ‘always’ busy – it was busy Ness as usual.”


Ness returned from her travels,

where she’d visited family and friends;

and as usual upon nearing her lake, a moment she’d take – for checking and sorting loose-ends.

There was the town, with its people so tasty;

there was the castle; well defended?

Shall I attack it?

No, let’s not be hasty, it’s not a snack, it’s a place were they hide,

and they throw things and shoot things that stick in my side.

There seemed lots of activity down on the shore of the lake;

boats and divers (with hands full of fivers) and men who were cleaning their rakes. Bright poles were stuck upright in the holes obligingly created by moles – which poles served as a defence from attack from the sky.

And there, unguarded, and slightly regarded, at the back, was a small boy in sack cloth and ashes (or the like) who was easily caught by young Ness.

She flew to her lair with the young lad in care; so gently clutched in her talons; she wished she had another, did he have a brother? it would have helped her with keeping her balance.


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