The Lady From LlanPorlock

The Lady from LlanPorlock

She spoke with a gentle Welsh tongue;

her words so musically spoken;

although what her words were, I don’t know –

my memory upon that point is broken.

But, there was no tedium, in her te dum, de dum;

at least not from the sentence I heard.

She was walking along Fore Street, Looe;

our paths for a moment crossing

as I noted her melodious word.

I may have been engrossed

upon a thought of mine own;

a masterpiece there in the making;

but, I can’t quite recall her words nor mine;

my memory then, as now, quite forsaking.

But, to remember that moment

these words I have written;

and will be more careful with my ideas henceforward from now;

and that Lady from LlanPorlock,

if we should meet again,

I’ll try not to listen to thou.


2 responses to “The Lady From LlanPorlock

  1. Hmm. Interesting poem. I like the mystery of this piece. Wow! 🙂

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