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Silly Stuff

The Moon in June

set much too soon;

and I was the loon

that saw it.

It should have set later;


A frozen pea?

Well thaw it.

Nonsense in words,

halves, quarters, thirds;

what’s the pointed meaning?

I don’t know,

which just goes to show,

that the Tower of Pisa is leaning.



Crossing the Tamar -Wedding today, Funeral Monday.

I have a suit

for weddings and funerals

it’s getting a bit of use.

Schrödinger’s Scat

A Short Story About Schrödinger’s Scat

“Do-wop doodie-doodie do-wop wop! wop!

Skiddle-diddle de-da, oodle-doodle do-dap dap! Dap!


Let Sleeping Legs Lie.

My legs have gone to sleep

and I just can’t wake them up;

I’ve tried pinching them gently,

making them tea in a cup;

but, one is snoring – the other is quiet –

have you an idea, I’m willing to try it.

I’ve set the alarm,

and whistled so loud,

one leg just muttered

“Is whistling allowed?”

I may be back in operation soon;

fully-fit and lumbering;

if I could wake but up these slumbering dogs,

one and two they are in numbering.

Until then…

if you can’t beat them…


You – a song about cheese.

You – a song about cheese

In C/G/D as usual, possibly minor chords as it is a sad song.

You, remind me of cheese

in fact, everything reminds me of cheese,

because, I’m hungry, Louise.

And, I know your name is Jane;

but, for a rhyme I went insane,

and hunger is a tease

when all you can think about is…

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese,


When I am an old woman…

Some people

when they reach a great age

will take up a hobby;

some will pair socks,

some will pare apples

some will search for a pair o’ dice

that other’s cannot know…

when I am an old woman I shall pare wurples.

(#29) t.a. houseman presents… his poem: the birds

(#29) t.a. houseman presents…

his poem:

the birds

eat all the food

then ask for more

feeding them will keep us poor

but money isn’t everything