Some words, little sense, stuff, nonsense, et al.

The Green-Eyed Monster bit me on the leg;

and I had to go to A & E,

for a tetanus jab;

then the writing bug grabbed a hold of me;

I wrote many letters of my complaint;

but, was soon packed off to rehab.

There I met an evil fate,

and an even worse end;

they had been incarcerated

a long time ago –

when? Nobody does know.

But, them I did befriend;

and we played hopscotch

with a 12-year old malt,

until it broke the spirit of the thing,

and denied that it was anybody’s fault.

Later, I trod the boards;

crossed swords,

and smuggled out a few quasi-illegal phrases, stiff sentences, and harsh words.

It had been a fun day –

I think it was a Monday.


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