Wingless Bee

Wingless Bee

LWG 15-Minute Exercise

A day in the life of an animal – animal’s viewpoint.

I am a bee;

but, there is something different about me –

I have no wings.

I cannot fly,

and things don’t look good,

maybe I’ll die soon.

I can walk to the nearby plants,

and take some succour there;

but, I have to take care, I am running out of options.

Today, may be my last;

I am fearing the worst,

I have such a thirst,

I need a sumptuous repast

of sweet-tasting food,

nectar would be good;

but, how?

Now, when I am just beginning to fail,

when I try, to no avail,

to find a drink,

I think a shadow has fallen upon me.

I, a bee, see a huge looming presence,

causing the shadow, the glooming;

it is a human.

Not one of the nasty ones,

with swishing newspapers,

or a swat in each hand;

but, one who seems to understand.

She gives me sugar-water,

poured shallowly in a bowl;

I sup, begin to fill up,

Praise this Human’s soul.

I sense a warmth;

Inside, and from the one

who is kind; has a heart,

and a mind.

We live together,

she tends, my body mends

(obviously not my wings – you can’t replace such things)

and I feel that she, too, is changing,

her outlook rearranging through her caring for me, a tiny little bee.

I only live a short time,

and will soon be gone;

but, remembered by rhyme,

I hope to live on.


3 responses to “Wingless Bee

  1. Like I said at the meeting, I am amazed at how you come up with such wonderful and humorous pieces like this in such a short time. It does make me quite envious, you will have to start charging for lessons they would certainly be worth it. Mike D

    • Thank you, Mike. I write a lot and have acquired a rhythm and a rhyme to my mind over my 40 or so year’s of lyric-writing and poetry. I have studied the serious poets and the silly and, as with my music, my silly things get a better reception from audiences and are more ’me’.

      I was thinking of some ’other’ poetry group as LPG IS more of a ’Stanza’ group where one poem a month is produced and given to the group for appraisal. I am more ’performance’ and try and create on the moment.

      The Liskeard Writing Group is really encouraging for my words and I am getting better at my story ideas.

      Thank you for the kind words.


    • As for lessons… always up for poetry workshopping! G:)

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